My name is Lars Sundelin and I am currently studying the second year of the Interaction Design Master program (IxD) at Umeå Institute of Design (UID). Before IxD I studied a one-year course called Industrial design intensive (IDI) at the same school. I started my studies at UID after having received my bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science at Umeå University. The main subjects were neuroscience, psychology and informatics. At the end of the bachelor I had a month long design course at UID. I fell in love completely! 

So far it has been a pleasure to explore the combination of cognitive science and industrial design. Fortunately, they complement each other well and have many positive synergetic effects. One of the best things with cognitive science is that it provides a unique understanding of the user. This has benefited most of my user-centered design work. At the same time, industrial design benefits cognitive science by communicating its knowledge and translating it to practical solutions. 

The most important part of IxD for me is the ability to connect the right ideas with the right user. My ambition for the future is to explore new ways of combining interaction design and cognitive science in user-centered design. 





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