ANNA - breathing assistant for sedation

Completed: Spring 2015  Duration: 2 weeks  With: Janis Beinerts, Sebastian Aumer and Trieuvy Luu


General anesthesia is a serious procedure. It requires the staff to be professional and the parents to be brave. Unfortunately, the child is required to be both. General anesthesia is usually needed before surgery and certain types of examinations. It can be performed in two ways: either via intravenous injection or with anesthetic gas through a mask. Sometimes, using the mask is the only option. Using the mask can be uncomfortable for adults, but for a child it can be terrifying.

In development

Currently, myself and Anna (the doctor in the video) are working on creating a professional prototype for medical testing. We have received over 90.000 swedish crowns from two business incubators to do this (Innovationsslussen and Uminova Innovations). Tobias, an engineer, has been hired 160h to come up with technical solutions that will enable us to test the concept with real people in real situations. 



Final concept




Process video